Thursday, October 31, 2002

can i ask you a question?
you've already allowed me to ask you one!

anyhoo, how fucking fucked is mtv, like the mtv awards is just a room full of fakeness, and shitness.
people who make dresses, and those that wear them. they're so different. dressmakers: pierced, tattooed, and are probably interesting people. models: not those things. blonde.

christina aguilera - now she's a god damn whore. her new video clip for her song dirrty, is just flat out slutty. god damn. if i were her father, i'd be torn. one hand, your daughter is a dirty dirty whore, but she's raking in the cash. meh. and what the fuck is with spelling it wrong? like dyslexia is the latest fad. hey, i'm dysxleixaaj and prouaadxd of it. there was some other song with misspelling, hot in herre. wtf is up with that? now there's a good role model. nelly's a dumb shit, but he's fucking bling bling.

life is the pursuit of pleasure.

kiss are cool. and the panel is v funny. and mick molloy is funny. and whats with that vita brits ad? they're kicking a goddamn basketball... and movies that use computer graphics to make it more realistic, but it ends up looking shittier